Other promotional items for sale in our store

Brand 425 Coffee

The RMJC ministry has partnered with Brand 425 to start serving their unique Small Batch Specialty Coffee at our events that we are demonstrating the our infamous period accurate Coffee Wagon.

In addition to serving this wonderful brew, we have also been given a few bags of their Costa Rican "Tarrazu" in a medium roast to help sell to support our ongoing ministry.

Price: $20.00

COFFEE WAGON T-shirt - Adult Large & Xlarge

We are offering a very special t-shirt as another fund raiser for the restoration of the coffee wagon.  On the front left breast is the U. S. Christian Commission logo and on the back is a sketch of the coffee wagon, inventor's name; Jacob Dunton, patent date and below it the acroynm C.O.F.F.E.E. :Christ Offers Forgivveness For Everyone Everywhere  The t-shirts are gray with black lettering.

Price: $20.00


We are announcing a real special to help with our restoration of the coffee wagon.  We are offering our signed and numbered original lithograph by War Between the States artist, Gregory Newson, "RECONCILIATION" plus a bag of UNCLE GREGORY'S coffee and one of our special 16 oz ENAMEL COFFEE MUG w/LID for the amazing price of $60.00 plus postage ($10.00).  This is a $40 savings from our donation asking amou

Price: $70.00

16 oz Enamel Coffee Mug

We are offering a 16 oz enamel coffee mug with an enamel lid (not shown in this picture) as a donation item for the coffee wagon restoration.  It is white enamel with a black ring around the top and printed on it is the image of the coffee wagon, inventors name and the patent date. 

Suggested donation is $20.00 which includes free shipping (In the USA only) 

Price: $20.00