E. M. Bounds, Confederate chaplain

E. M. Bounds, Confederate chaplain

Edward McKendree Bounds was born August 15, 1835 in Shelbyville, Missouri.  He grew up with five brothers and sisters. With word spreading of a rich gold strike in California, Edward and his brother Charles left Missouri to strike it rich in the gold fields of California.  The filth of the camp reminded both Edward and Charles that "the love of money is the root of all evil."  After four years with little success they decided to go home to Missouri.

In 1854 Edward parted St. Louis and his brother Charles to go to Hannibal, Missouri to study to become a lawyer.  At the age of 19 he became the state's youngest lawyer but he was not happy.  In 1857-58 a great Spiritual Awakening was taking the country by storm.  Edward sat in his office in Hannibal and pondered the goings on and the condition of his own soul.

In the Autumn of 1858 Edward closed his law office and traveled to Palmyra, Missouri to enter Centenary Seminar of the First Methodist Episcopal Church South.  After 2 years of diligent study and prayer Rev. Bounds applied for trial approval at the 1860 Methodist Episcopal South Conference.  At the end of the Conference Rev. Bounds was approved by a unanimous vote.

On November 14, 1862, a list was composed of 250 men who were to be apprehended and given the opportunity to pledge an Oath of Allegiance to the Union.  These men were also required to post a $500.00 bond.  Rev. Bounds was on this list.  The reason, his church had the word "south" in its name.  Bounds was arrested along with 249 others, placed in an open cage on a cargo steamer, in the dead of winter with no extra clothing or provisions were then transported to Jefferson City, Missouri.  They were then imprisoned in St. Louis and after a year Bounds was exiled from his home state.  He walked to Arkansas to join the 3rd Missouri and General Sterling Price's army... purchase to read the end of the story

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