Devotion for Week of January 23, 2012 - "Do This In Remembrance"

Do This in Remembrance


Luke 22:19, “And he took bread, and gave thanks, and brake it, and gave unto them, saying, This is my body which is given for you: this do in remembrance of me.”

One Sunday, shortly after the war, while Gen. Robert E. Lee was in Richmond, he was placed in a position where he showed his Christian character.


A blackman stood across the street from the white church where Gen. Lee worshipped.   Hesitantly he crossed the street and slowly climbed the steps of the church.  It was his first visit to a white church and he was nervous, almost frightened.  Quietly he took a seat in the rear pew, which was empty.  As the service progressed, it became obvious that it was a communion service. So far he had not been seen, but he knew kneeling at the altar rail, he would stand out like a lump of coal on a freshly-laundered sheet.


Walking down the center aisle, he got about half-way to the front when people began to notice him.  Those in the pews began whispering and squirming.  One worshiper, already at the communion rail rose and returned to his seat and in a moment several others did the same.  Those behind him, some undecided, others gasping with indignation held back from kneeling near him.


Near the front of the church sat Gen. Lee.  Hearing the commotion he looked up from his meditation and, after taking in the situation, studied the lone Negro at the altar.  Then, as dignified a Christian gentleman as he was, he rose, walked unobtrusively down the aisle, and kneeling beside the Blackman, a former slave, they celebrated communion together.

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