Devotion for Week of March 1st, 2010 - Why God Used DL Moody #3

God Used Dwight L. Moody- Pt 2

Psalm 62:11, “God hath spoken once; twice have I heard this; that power
belongeth unto God.”

D. L. Moody
(1837-1899) was an American evangelist who founded the Northfield Schools in
Massachusetts, Moody Church and Moody Bible Institute in Chicago, and the
Colportage Association. He is also credited with starting the Northwest Branch
of the United States Christian Commission during the American Civil War.  The following was written by R.A. Torey.

If you and I are to be used in our
sphere as D. L. Moody was used in his, we must put all that we have and all
that we are in the hands of God, for Him to use as He will, to send us where He
will, for God to do with us what He will, and we, on our part, to do everything
God bids us do.

There are thousands and tens of
thousands of men and women in Christian work, brilliant men and women, rarely
gifted men and women, men and women who are making great sacrifices, men and
women who have put all conscious sin out of their lives, yet who, nevertheless,
have stopped short of absolute surrender to God, and therefore have stopped
short of fullness of power.  But Mr.
Moody did not stop short of absolute surrender to God; he was a wholly
surrendered man, and if you and I are to be used, you and I must be wholly
surrendered men and women.

2. A Man of Prayer

The second secret of the great power
exhibited in Mr. Moody's life was that Mr. Moody was in the deepest and most
meaningful sense a man of prayer.  People
oftentimes say to me: "Well, I went many miles to see and to
hear D. L. Moody and he certainly was a wonderful preacher."  Yes, D. L. Moody certainly was a wonderful
preacher; taking it all in all, the most wonderful preacher I have ever heard,
and it was a great privilege to hear him preach as he alone could preach; but
out of a very intimate acquaintance with him I wish to testify that he was a
far greater prayer than he was preacher.

Time and time again, he was confronted
by obstacles that seemed insurmountable, but he always knew the way to surmount
and to overcome all difficulties.  He
knew the way to bring to pass anything that needed to be brought to pass.  He knew and believed in the deepest depths of
his soul that "nothing was too hard for the Lord" and that prayer
could do anything that God could do.

Often times Mr. Moody would write me
when he was about to undertake some new work, saying: "I am beginning work in such
and such a place on such and such a day; I wish you would get the students
together for a day of fasting and prayer"  And often I have taken those letters and read
them to the students in the lecture room and said: "Mr. Moody wants us to have
a day of fasting and prayer, first for God's blessing on our own souls and
work, and then for God's blessing on him and his work."

Often we were gathered in the lecture
room far into the night — sometimes till one, two, three, four or even five
o'clock in the morning, crying to God, just because Mr. Moody urged us to wait
upon God until we received His blessing.  How many men and women I have known whose
lives and characters have been transformed by those nights of prayer and who
have wrought mighty things in many lands because of those nights of prayer!

One day Mr. Moody drove up to my house
at Northfield and said: "Torrey, I want you to take a ride with
me."  I got into the
carriage and we drove out toward Lover's Lane, talking about some great and
unexpected difficulties that had arisen in regard to the work in Northfield and
Chicago, and in connection with other work that was very dear to him.

As we drove along, some black storm
clouds lay ahead of us, and then suddenly, as we were talking, it began to
rain.  He drove the horse into a shed
near the entrance to Lover's Lane to shelter the horse, and then laid the reins
upon the dashboard and said: "Torrey, pray"; and then,
as best I could, I prayed, while he in his heart joined me in prayer.  And when my voice was silent he began to pray.
 Oh, I wish you could have heard that
prayer!  I shall never forget it, so simple,
so trustful, so definite and so direct and so mighty.  When the storm was over and we drove back to
town, the obstacles had been surmounted, and the work of the schools, and other
work that was threatened, went on as it had never gone on before, and it has
gone on until this day.

As we drove back, Mr. Moody said to me:
we will let the other men do the talking and the criticizing, and we will stick
to the work that God has given us to do, and let Him take care of the
difficulties and answer the criticisms."

On one occasion Mr. Moody said to me in
Chicago: "I have just found, to my surprise, that we are twenty thousand
dollars behind in our finances for the work here and in Northfield, and we must
have that twenty thousand dollars, and I am going to get it by prayer."
 He did not tell a soul who had the
ability to give a penny of the twenty thousand dollar deficit, but looked right
to God and said: "I need twenty thousand dollars for my work; send me that money in
such a way that I will know it comes straight from Thee."  And God heard that prayer.  The money came in such a way that it was clear
that it came from God in direct answer to prayer.

Yes, D. L. Moody was a man who believed
in the God who answers prayer, and not only believed in Him in a theoretical
way but believed in Him in a practical way.  He was a man who met every difficulty that
stood in his way — by prayer.  Everything
he undertook was backed up by prayer, and in everything, his ultimate
dependence was upon God.



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