Memorial Day weekend report from Greenfield Village, Henry Ford Museum - 2012

Report from Greenfield Village, Henry Ford Museum, Dearborn, MI - 2012


This past Memorial Day weekend at Greenfield Village will be one to not only remember but try to forget.  Many blessing but the oppressive heat, mid 90s both Sunday and Monday we want to forget.  It was so tasking that Faith fell out from heat after we had finished packing up on Monday evening.

This is our hardest event.  We cannot set up until the gates close on Friday evening at 5:30.  Saturday we are in camp by 7:30 and the gates open at 9 and stay open until 9:30 pm.  Sunday I am up at 5 am making final preparations for 2 services.  We leave the park in the late afternoon to travel to wherever I will be preaching in the evening.  We usually fall into bed around 10 pm.  Monday it is up and in camp again around 7:30 and we are there until we can pack up at 5:30 pm.

We found out a lot about this event.  One man told us he has participated for the last 29 years.  We were told this is the Village’s must spectator generating weekend for the whole year.  Their annual car show is second.

On Saturday we had a man, early 30s, come by the tent.  He saw the cross and simply wanted to know what we were about.  Come to find out back in the 70s and 80s the annual Memorial weekend was an NSSA live shoot.  This man’s father knew Henry Ford and was asked each year to come hold the church service.  He told us that they had 2 services each Sunday; one early one for the participants and as quickly as they could empty the building it would refill with spectators.  This was exciting to us.  It also explained why the service was held at 8:30 when we first starting coming.

One day this weekend, I honestly cannot remember what day, a husband and wife stopped by our ministry tent.  I explained what we had displayed just like I did hundreds of times during the weekend.  I was explaining the reprinted Gospel tracts when she asked about the sermons and was struggling to find the right words.  Finally I said do you mean “hell fire and brimstones”?  She said that’s it.  She then said to her husband,  off-handily, something about trying to scare them.  I replied yes they did.  I then asked her “if you knew someone was heading for impending doom and they were oblivious to the fact wouldn’t you try to shock or scare them into a reality of their condition?”  Her eyes got big as saucers and she sheepishly replied yes.

This conversation stuck in my mind and reminded me just how watered down God’s Gospel has gotten by our churches.  The unconverted can come into our conservative churches and leave with no sense of impending doom; sad!

Sunday we had a standing room only crowd for church and we had 3 to get saved.  That evening we went to Faith Baptist Church in Dearborn Heights, MI.  We had a great crowd, several hundred and a great presentation of the ministry.  I then preached an 1862 message warning backslidders, God really blessed with Christians coming from every direction to the altar.

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