Dade Massacre & Brooksville Raid 2018 Report

Those who follow us (Faith & me) on Face Book know the trouble we went through trying to get to Florida for our first re-enactment, the first weekend of this month.  In short, we ran into a whiteout (snow & ice) in South Carolina.  While trying to keep control of the car, with our ministry cargo trailer attached, Faith slid into the back of our motor home.  The air bag deployed but she was not badly hurt as her forearm took the blast of the airbag.  After two days of trying to get out of SC we finally made it to Bushnell, FL for the Dade Massacre event.  US Army troops fighting for their life after being attacked by Seminole Indians in 1835 near Bushnell, Florida

At Bushnell we were so blessed to have had a very good spectator turnout.  While Faith & I were doing research at the American Tract Society we ran across some 1835 tracts.  I immediately thought of the Dade event, so we scanned them and we were blessed to have been able to get 3 reprinted before the event.  They were a big hit with re-enactors and spectators alike.

Sunday we were scheduled for church but because of Park regulations with the safety protocol for the re-enactors we were delayed over 30 minutes.  Because of this our congregation was very small, 15 souls not counting myself.  Praise the Lord my brother-in-law and his son arrived in time for church, so they heard the Gospel.  When the invitation was given we had 2 adults to accept Christ; one man a retired Navy Vet and the other a sutler’s wife.

This past weekend we participated in the 38th annual Brooksville Raid in Spring Hill, FL.  When Faith and I arrived on Friday morning for School Kid’s Day it was 25 degrees, yes 25.  It did not warm much.  We had a lot of kids and were blessed to have been able to post on our Face Book page a video of one group very eagerly reaching out their hands for our reprinted Gospel tracts.

Saturday was a lot warmer, 56, and we talked to a ton of people.  For a long stretch Faith was on one side of the tent talking to people and I was on the other talking to folks.  Faith said Saturday night she talked so much her throat was sore.

Sunday morning we headed to the activity tent to try to transform it from a dance hall (Saturday night’s camp dance) to a place to worship God.  We were blessed to have had help from some Boy Scouts to set out 150 chairs.  I then placed a hymnal on each chair and prayed for each as I did so.

The crowd was slow coming in but about 2 minutes before start time, all of a sudden the chairs were all full and some were having to stand.  We were also blessed to have had the 7 Pounds of Bacon to play our music and what a great job they did.

The message was preached, the invitation was given and the first 2 people to come forward was a mother and teenage daughter, both crying.  Faith was able to lead both Over 150 folks gathered together under the activity tent on Sunday morning to worship God.  Ten people surrendered their hearts to God and received Jesus Christ as their personal the Lord.  The next two, a husband and wife, both crying, then a Boy Scout, also crying.  More came.  All toll we had 10 for salvation and 3 for rededication.  God was proving Himself to merciful and mighty to save.  What an awesome God we service.

Thank you to each of our supporting churches and everyone who allows us to represent them in this mission field, to the Glory of God.  Every soul that comes to Christ, you will receive an assist on that huge, heavenly score board.  They will add up to a soul winner’s crown.

Our next event will be the annual Olustee event outside Lake City, FL.  Please bathe this one in much prayer.  Thank you and God bless.


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