How does the RMJC minister to these re-enactors, spectators and enthusiasts?

Q. How does the RMJC, Inc. minister to these re-enactors, spectators and enthusiasts?

A. By supplying exactly re-printed Gospel tracts of the period (1835 or 1861-1865)  The RMJC, Inc has re-printed over 100 titles, both Union and Confederate.  It has also reprinted a Union and Confederate New Testament.  It's founder, Dr. Alan Farley. also started the only museum dedicated to the work of the chaplains, Union and Confederate, white or African-American, Protestant, Jewish, Baptist or Catholic, as well as the work of the United States Christian Commission. He brings many of the relics he has collected over the years dealing with the chaplains and the USCC to display at these re-enactments.

The RMJC, Inc. also conducts a nondenominational worship service at the re-enactments it attends as well as giving talks on the work of the USCC and chaplains during the War.  Chaplain Farley is a requested speaker at Civil War Roundtables, SCV Camps, UDC Camps as well as Christian Schools.