Union Gospel Tracts

DISCLAIMER: These tracts cannot be reproduced in any form or fashion, for any reason unless you own an original or obtain permission from the RMJC, Inc. ministry through a written request.  The RMJC, Inc. ministry purchases these tracts, many times at great expense, then pays to have them retype set. printed, and then mail out to be sewn or glued together.  We are sorry for this but far too many people are pirating these tracts.  Since we do not put a copyright mark on the tracts, so we can keep them period looking, we are being taken advantage of.  Some are even making them look old and sell them as originals.

SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT: Over the last several years printing cost have gone up.  Paper is climbing at a huge rate.  Our printer has been absorbing the increase but can no longer do so.  We have been, at the same time, absorbing the increase in postage costs.  It has finally come to the point where we must raise our prices to cover the increase in printing and postage.  Nobody is more sorry for this than we are.  We do pray you understand.

Union Gospel Tracts

Tracts are sold in bulk packs of 100 tracts. You can order as many as 5 different titles per 100 tracts or as little as 1 title. Please send an accompanying e-mail as to the titles you request.

We reserve the right to substitute any titles we are out of stock on. Please allow 4-6 weeks for your order especially in the Summer campaign season.

Price for each bulk of 100 tracts is $20.00

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100. WIDOW'S ONLY SON ENLISTS - American Tract Society
101. CHARLEY COULSON / DRUMMER BOY - Bible Truth Depot (post war)
102. THE LAMP AND THE TICKET - United States Christian Commission
103. THE PLAIN QUESTION - United States Christian Commission
104. GOLD MINE - American Tract Society (child's tract)
105. OLD JACOBE MOORE - United States Christian Commission
106. SOLDIER! MAY I TALK TO YOU? - United States Christian Commission
107. A LETTER TO A FRIEND IN THE ARMY - American Tract Society
109. THE RAGGED SCHOLARS HOME - American Tract Society (child's tract)
111. FALSE HUMILITY - United States Christian Commission
112. TALES OF THE POCKET - American Temperance Commission
113. THE INQUIRER DIRECTED - American Tract Society (#2)
114. MERCIES FREE - American Tract Society (#170)
115. THE FIRST STEP - American Tract Society (#158)
116. OLD ALFRED - American Tract Society
117. COME AND REST - American Tract Society (#30)
118. PEACE OF MIND - American Tract Society (#114)
120. THE DELEGATE'S STORY - United States Christian Commission
121. I'LL TRY - Tract Society of M.E. Church (#359)
122. SINCERITY NOT ENOUGH - American Tract Society (#168)
123. "WHO LOVED ME, and GAVE HIMSELF..." - American Tract Society (#686)
124. DO YOU WISH FOR A GUIDE? - Tract Society of M.E. Church (#80)
125. ELLSWORTH AND HIS ZOUAVES - American Temperance Union
128. THE CITY MONTHLY VISITOR - Philadelphia Tract & Missionary Society
129. EVERLASTING PUNISHMENT - American Tract Society (#35)
130. THE SWEARER'S PRAYER - American Tract Society (#51)
131. I'M TOO YOUNG - American Tract Society (#62)
132. AM I SELF-DECEIVED? - American Tract Society (#86)
133. A WORD IN THE EAR OF A PROFESSED - American Tract Society (#189)
134. THE BIBLE, THE BEST OF ALL BOOKS - American Tract Society (#220)
135. THE SABBATH - American Tract Society (#352)
136. MARKS OF RELIGIOUS DECLENSION - American Tract Society (#353)
137. HAVE ME EXCUSED - American Tract Society (#382)
138. "I AM NO HYPOCRITE" - American Tract Society (#391)
139. DON'T SWEAR - United States Christian Commission

Price: $20.00