Confederate Gospel Tract Sample

Confederate Gospel Tract Sample Packet

DISCLAIMER:These tracts cannot be reproduced in any form or fashion, for any reason unless you own an original or obtain permission from the RMJC, Inc. ministry through a written request. The RMJC, Inc. ministry purchases these tracts, many times at great expense, then pays to have them retype set. printed, and then mail out to be sewn or glued together.  We are sorry for this but far too many people are pirating these tracts.  Since we do not put a copyright mark on the tracts, so we can keep them period looking, we are being taken advantage of.  Some are even making them look old and sell them as originals.

For those who do not want a bulk order of 100 tracts we have assembled a sample pack of 20 different titles of Confederate Gospel tracts.

Price is $8.00

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Price: $8.00