Summon Only the Brave

Summon Only the Brave, a book written about Gettysburg which includes the viewpoints of chaplains that were at the battle

Of the many books written about the Battle of Gettysburg, none has included selections from the collected memoirs of the 238 chaplains, North and South who were present at the battle - until now.  Since chaplains were considered an noncombatants they were largely ignored.

After the Battle was over, however chaplains became very busy.  They helped bury the dead and comfort the over 21,000 wounded soldiers.  The chaplains themselves did not escape injury.  Four chaplains had been likked, wounded or injured and eighteen captured to be detained in prison.  This is their story in their own words.

This book is hard bound with a beautiful, colorful dust jacket.  It is 203 page.      Price .....$35.00 includes shipping

Price: $35.00