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Sunday night service - February 11, 2018 - Grace Baptist Church - Baldwin, FL

Here is the link to the Sunday evening service at Grace Baptist Church in Baldwin, FL where Faith and I were asked to visit on our way to Lake City and the Battle of Olustee.

From the Pulpit the pastor just matter of factly said, "after the song service Brother Farley is going to give a testimony of his ministry and then preach."  You could have blown me over with a feather.  I was totally taken unawares, but God came through, as He always does when we depend on Him.  We pray you enjoy this.  I actually get to the pulpit about 47 minutes into the service;

Dade Massacre & Brooksville Raid 2018 Report

Those who follow us (Faith & me) on Face Book know the trouble we went through trying to get to Florida for our first re-enactment, the first weekend of this month.  In short, we ran into a whiteout (snow & ice) in South Carolina.  While trying to keep control of the car, with our ministry cargo trailer attached, Faith slid into the back of our motor home.  The air bag deployed but she was not badly hurt as her forearm took the blast of the airbag.  After two days of trying to get out of SC we finally made it to Bushnell, FL for the Dade Massacre event.  US Army troops fig</body></html>

Religious News Service 2010 online article by Daniel Burke on Chaplain Alan Farley

July 14, 2010

Preacher re-enactor brings age-old gospel to battlefields

By Daniel Burke

GETTYSBURG, Pa. (RNS) From his Old Testament beard down to his scuffed boots and battered Bible, Alan Farley looks the perfect picture of a Civil War chaplain.

On a dusty field five miles from where the Battle of Gettysburg was fought 147 years ago, Farley acts the part as well, thundering sermons from his home-made pulpit, praying with bedraggled soldiers, and handing out tracts with titles like “Everlasting Punishment.”

The Rev. Alan Farley conducts services and revivals at Civil War events across the country.

By Kathleen O'Dell
From the "Springfield News-Leader" - Springfield, MO.
Monday, June 19, 2000

Civil War re-enactor the Rev. Alan Farley mixed 1860's history and old-time religion during a Sunday morning church service under a tent for about 300 fellow re-enactors and spectators of Wilson's Creek 2000.